Decorative Rock

Decorative landscape rock comes in an assortment of many naturally beautiful colors, in a variety of standard or custom sizes, which can be used alone or in combination to add creative highlights and contrast to any landscape project. The color change can occur with aging, therefore exact matching of existing granite may not occur.

Composed primarily of granite, basalt, schist, or rhyolite, these products are durable and meet the needs of a diverse customer base looking for an environmentally friendly way to add aesthetic value. The multiple colors and sizes produced are used to add aesthetic value, reduce erosion, and control dust at sites such as private residences, common areas of major master-planned developments, apartment complexes, retail, and business complexes. The fine materials are commonly used for walkways and driveways or sport-related uses such as baseball fields, horse arenas, and golf courses.

During processing, dust will adhere to the rocks and change its appearance, therefore after installation, the rock will need to be rinsed off to show the natural beauty and character. Fines are included in the rock products and help stabilize the base for the rock and reduce weed growth after installation. Fines can partially separate during shipping, so when pulling material from the dumped pile at the job site, it is best to work around the pile to get a consistent installation.

Featured Products


Desert Spice

Desert Spice, also known as Terra Cotta, contains rich tones of the Italian countryside.
This predominantly sienna mixture evokes rural hillsides scattered with reddish-brown rooftops.

Jesse Red

The Jesse Red decorative landscaping gravel is a natural stone that comes from the deserts of Arizona and will add a dynamic element to your garden landscape.

Palomino Gold

Palomino Gold is a gold natural stone that is mainly golden brown with hints of tan, cream, gray undertones, and flecks of black.

Saddleback Brown

Saddleback Brown is a reddish-brown decorative rock that contains tones of tan, gold, and gray highlights.

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